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Want to know who is the Worlds Top American GFM offers the very best in 2D and 3D of ultrasonic cutting machines suppliers in India. Click here Perfect machine tools co. ltd. go on website Click Here for your find more information on detailed. Both three and six axis Ultrasonic Cutting Machine models are available to cut a large variety of materials. The machines are ideally suited for ultrasonic cutting composite materials, carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar, Prepreg and Honeycomb materials. Our ultrasonic cutting machines have the versatility to cut from multiple layers in excess of one inch thick to control depth ultrasonic cutting of a single layer. Because of superior design, AGFM ultrasonic cutting machines cut faster, more accurately and with better edge quality than any other machine available. These machines are also well suited for ultrasonic inlay cutting, ultrasonic scoring, ultrasonic core cutting or ultrasonic composite cutting of any other type of material. All models use a standard American GFM Ultrasonic generator, converter, booster and horn with specially developed blades. The ultrasonic cutting blade cycles at 20, 000 or 30, 000 strokes per second. The model US50 (3D) permits quick automated tool changing and tool setting from standard vertical blades to disc cutters. There are also machines with automatic head changers, switching from ultrasonic cutting to high speed routing without operator intervention.

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